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DJ Intelligence
Interactive website tools for djs. online dj software for receiving leads, booking shows, and complete event planning for your clients. integrates with any existing dj website.

Exact Audio Copy
Exact audio copy is a so called audio grabber for cds using standard cd and dvd-rom drives. the main differences

Denon 1800 Apple Mac emulator
Dj-1800 is an apple mac dj application that emulates the denon dn-1800f professional cd player system used by many djs and radio stations. it allows you to play any audio files (including mp3 and aac) via a professional dj-standard cd player interface, with cue, positional searching, and pitch shift and bend. it includes a fully featured software mixer with master and cue out, and allows you to manage your song collection and playlists using either the internal song library or itunes.

Cylonix vocoder
Cylonix vocoder

Analog X
This section of the downloads area contains files related to audio and music.

CD Wave
Cdwave is a program to aid in mastering live recordings to cdr. you can record audio, and split it automatically or manually.

Logic Audio Platinum
Email and telephone support for emagic branded products is no longer available. if you own any emagic branded hardware devices, support will continue to be provided according to your original warranty.


Rapid Evolution
A site for djs providing an advanced music library tool for harmonic mixing and song organization, as well as an online music database for sharing song metadata.

Sonic Foundry Acid Pro
Sonic foundry is the creator of mediasite, the leading web communications and content management system for lecture capture, event webcasting and online knowledgement management.

Easy cd-da extractor: the "swiss army knife of digital audio" : cd ripper, music converter and cd/dvd burner.

Ots CD Scratch 1200
Ots CD Scratch 1200

Mp3 Tag Studio
Mp3 Tag Studio

Syntrillium Cooledit
The official home of adobe soundbooth cs3. soundbooth cs3 is audio editing software for creating, polishing, editing and customizing your audio. learn more.

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